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ZZR - NOVICHEM Sp. z o.o.

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NOVICHEM is a chemical company founded in 1989 as a privately owned Ltd. Co. 

Our production and administration facilities are located in Chorzów, Silesia region, In the southern part of Poland.

The steady and organic growth of the company has created a healthy and stable economic background. Today we have 170 employees and our turnover in 2014 reached 20 million EURO.

Our production activities are mainly based on our own technologies and focus on fine and specialty chemicals of medium volumes.

The product and sales activities are divided
into the following groups:

API - Novichem - small size.jpg Pharmaceutical Ingredients 

Peroxides - Novichem - small size.jpg  Organic Peroxides               

Chemicals - Novichem - small zize.jpg Fine Chemicals  

Food additives - Novichem - small size.jpg  Food Additives

Each product group is managed by its own division in order to ensure that all products receive the attention needed. This makes us live up to the ambition of always providing quality products of highest possible and consistent level.

Since 2003 NOVICHEM is working under the ISO 9001.2000 quality management system officially approved by TUV NORD CERT GmbH.

In addition we hold two HACCP and the GMP for our API facility.

We are today co-operating with companies in almost all countries within the European Union as well as companies in United States, Japan and China.

Company Name: “NOVICHEM” Sp. z o.o.
Registered Office:41-508 Chorzów
Ul. Główna 4
Legal Status:Limited Liability Company
Ownership:100% Private
National court register number:62717
VAT number:PL 627-001-2950

Raiffeisen Bank Polska S.A.
Deutsche Bank Polska S.A.
ING Bank ¦l±ski S.A.

Share Capital:100.000 PLN


History in brief:

1989The company was founded.
1990Commencement of business activity.
1992Foundation of NOVICHEM-ZACH.
Transfer of business activities to NOVICHEM-ZACH.
NOVICHEM remains a holding company.
1995NOVICHEM acquires CHEMIFARM, a chemical and pharmaceutical cooperative, and restructures business activity based on the production profile of CHEMIFARM.
1995-2001NOVICHEM reshapes and develops its business profile.
2001HACCP system is being adopted by NOVICHEM’s food additives division.
2003ISO 9001:2000 Certificate is granted to NOVICHEM.
2004NOVICHEM buys 45% of shares of NOVICHEM-ZACH from Zakłady Azotowe w Chorzowie-Holding-S.A. and becomes 100% owner of NOVICHEM-ZACH.
2006Novichem renews ISO 9001:2000 Certification.
2007GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is granted to NOVICHEM’s production of API’s.